Project Based Support

In addition to the CaaSus Compliance Subscriptions, CaaSus also provides fixed-price project based support to meet the surge support and audit requirements of government contractors. The fixed pricing eliminates the fear of cost overrun or budget uncertainty. CaaSus projects are program managed for efficiency and quality assurance. A summary of Project Based services are provided below:

Item Service Offerings Description
1 1408 PreAward Survey of Prospective Contractor’s Accounting system
2 ICS Preparation
  • Simple TCI/single rate structure
  • TCI or modified (up to 3 rates)
3 Mock System Audit
  • Accounting
  • Purchasing
  • Property
  • Estimating
  • MMAS
  • EVMS
4 GovCon Due Diligence
  • Deals up to $15MM
  • Deals up to $30MM
5 Subcontract Monitoring Program Develop subcontract monitoring program inclusive of required steps, documentation maintenance, frequency/type of monitoring activities, and training.
6 Training
  • Per 2 hr Instructor Led Training (ILT) course segments
  • Course material alone
7 Contract Briefs Per brief.
8 Contract Administration
  • Outsourced up to 40 hrs per month; contract briefs included
  • Outsourced greater than 40 hours per month; contract briefs included
9 Project Management
  • Time, Cost and Scope management of specific projects and/or program
  • Biweekly Status Reporting
  • Risk Management, monitoring and reporting