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Subcontract Clauses and Flowdown Training – 3/18/14 Online

Ever wonder how to figure out which clauses you should flow-down to your subcontractors?  Or, wonder if the clauses being flowed down to you by a prime make sense? Too often, government contractors include FAR clauses in subcontracts that are inapplicable or non-sensical while omitting other clauses that should be added for their protection and the subcontractor’s protection.

This webinar on 3/18/14 focuses on flow-down requirements and highlights 50 frequently encountered FAR clauses and provides detailed guidance on how to determine what type of clause it is and when it should be flowed down.  This course is geared towards both prime and subcontractors and is a longer session where we will focus on a more practical approach with excercises to learn how to flowdown subcontract clauses.  Over the course of four hours, the seminar will present technical information and seek to use discussion and practical work with examples to cover the following:

  •          Regulatory overview and Subcontract structure training
  •          Review terms
  •          Uniform contract format
  •          Subcontract Formation Considerations
  •          Location of clauses in FAR and in contract
  •          Types of clause families and clauses
  •          When various types of clauses  may be used
  •          Government’s perspective of clause management
  •          Contract Briefing/Clause Briefing Best Practices
  •          Understand Structure of clauses
  •          Mandatory Flow Downs
  •          Hardest hitting clause requirements
  •          Optional Flow downs and how to interpret
  •          What and when should you push back to prime
  •          When should prime require clause be included in subcontract
  •          Contract clause briefing and clause flow down exercise
  •          Excercises
  •          FAR Clause Matrix

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